An unexpected 2016 Premier League Champion.

No one believed at the beginning of the season that Leicester City FC, known as The Foxes, would beat 5000/1 odds to win the title. If you’re not familiar with the Premier League, here is an example that will help you to realise how unlikely their win was.

Almost 40 years have passed since the King of Rock and Roll died, but with odds of 2000/1, Elvis coming back from the dead was deemed as more likely than Leicester FC winning this year’s Premier League title.

By defying the odds, Leicester’s great performance has resonated all around the world and made a huge impact on social media. Winning the title, Leicester singlehandedly boosted Twitter activity in the UK by 86%.

With their success, Leicester not only won on the field, they also achieved two main goals that every club aims for.

1. Increase brand value.

Every club wants to grow their brand value to get new sponsorship opportunities and increase the revenue for the club. Leicester can now expect increased interest from brands hoping to join the short list of official club partners.

Using proprietary metrics synthesised from more than 1.5 billion people on Facebook and Twitter, 4C is able to reveal the strength of connection between consumers, advertisers and sport, harnessing these outputs to discover relevant partnership opportunities and delivering the intelligence to shape marketing strategy.

Through 4C Affinities, we identified five brands that would make good sponsors for The Foxes:

2. Raise Leicester FC’s fan base

Growing a fan base is also a necessity for the development of any football club at an international level. Leicester’s success on the pitch has definitely spilled into social media. Their Facebook and Twitter accounts have experienced an unbelievable engagement growth since last season.

Social engagements for Leicester FC in the first quarter of 2016 are 7 times higher than in 2015. Through April of this year, Leicester FC has achieved 3,094,123 social engagements.

The week underdog Leicester was named Premier League champion, The Foxes toppled Chelsea, the 2015 champion, in terms of social engagements, sentiment, fan loyalty, engagement rate, and unique engagers.


While Chelsea, had a stronger start, Leicester FC generated more social engagements than Chelsea during the key games throughout the second part of the season.


As the social stats for Leicester City demonstrate, live moments, like sports, and social media go quite well together. With 87% of consumers using another device whilst watching TV, marketers wanting to reach the right people, with the right message, at the right time can do so across devices and screens through social media and tools like 4C Sport Sync. For more information on how to deliver digital ads in correlation with live sports moments, visit

We will continue reporting on key trends happening in the sport industry so stay tuned for more ways brands can seize the moment!