Infectious Media Improves Facebook Advertising Performance Using 4C Social Ads

Jul 11, 2016


A leading clothing brand wanted to raise awareness with a limited budget in the build-up up to the UEFA Euro 2016 tournament. Their programmatic agency, Infectious Media set out to create a social advertising campaign with the objective of driving an efficient cost per lead (CPL).


To reach consumers for its international campaign, Infectious Media took advantage of 4C Social Ads and 4C Audiences to discover any unexpected interests in their primary audience—males, aged from 18 to 44 years old with a strong interest in soccer—that would be indicative of new targets likely to engage with the brand and could be added to the campaign.

4C Audiences are hyper-targeted social media segments for marketers created by our in-house data scientists. 4C Audiences use proprietary affinity data which maps brand-to-brand relationships based on real-time engagements. Through 4C, Infectious Media identified the most impactful creative and targeting combinations, enabling further optimizations to drive leads at a reduced cost.


Infectious Media achieved strong campaign KPIs for the clothing brand:

  • 60% higher impression to lead rate than generic Facebook interest targeting
  • 34% decrease in CPL compared to generic Facebook interest targeting

Metrics showing 60% increase of Impression to Lead Rate and 34% decrease in CPL