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Last Friday, Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. The presidential inauguration often sets the tone for the term of office and social media shows the tradition was met with varied responses.

The day’s events drew over 15 million engagements across Facebook and Twitter, over 5 million were for the new President. Barack Obama, the outgoing President, earned the second most engagements.

As is customary, President Obama welcomed the Trumps to the White House. That moment drove the highest number of engagements related to the inauguration.

Television rebroadcasts reveal which moments from the inaugural address received the most TV time from the pundits and influenced perceptions of President Trump’s first day in office. “America First” has received more than 3,000 rebroadcasts across the U.S. and emerged as the key theme.

Some parts of Trump’s speech received more attention from certain TV news networks than others. Notably, Fox News focused on clips of Trump’s promise to return “power from Washington to the American people” and “eradicate radical Islamic terrorism” more than CNN or MSNBC.

Trump’s presidency faces vocal critics. The day following Trump’s inauguration, people gathered in Washington D.C. and cities around the U.S. to march in support of women’s rights. From Twitter, the #womensmarch hashtag generated 7.3 million engagements on the day of the march compared to 2.6 million engagements for the #inauguration hashtag on the day Trump became president.

The timeline also reveals there is not much overlap in engagement between the hashtags on the days of the inauguration and march.

Aligning with causes is a popular way for brands to connect with the issues their consumers care about. Based on the 4C Insights Affinity Graph™, Warby Parker and Allstate are a good fit for aligning with the Women’s March; people engaging with the Women’s March are more than 14x more likely to engage with these two brands than average.

Social media gives consumers a voice which plays a critical role in politics and will continue to do so throughout Trump’s presidency. Just as social data reveals important signals for politicians, brands must pay heed the voices from social media.