On November 6th, global retail giant, H&M, and iconic designer, Alexander Wang, released their long awaited collaboration. We took a closer look at both brands’ pages on Facebook leading up to the launch to see if we could identify any impact trends leading up to the launch.

Since both groups were actively posting content specific to this line, we looked only at Facebook public data for this study. We also stripped away those fans that only provided “drive-by likes” and really focused on the hypebeasts that were engaging in the content — they had to post comments and/or like posts by either or both brands to be considered for this study.

While our #SnapShot shows that the fashion show provided much more of a boost than the actual in-store delivery of the product, the world wide web would tell us that the launch provided quite a bit of increase in engagement itself — from a sold out line in less than two hours to some in-store action (see below).


It does appear from our analysis that the collection benefitted Mr. Wang more than than the retailer. And that makes sense. Why?

  • In partnerships like this the retailer is looking for the credibility that Wang brings and Wang is looking for access to a larger audience.
  • H&M launches collaborations like these on the regular, while this is certainly a one-off for Wang.
  • H&M’s audience 21MM fans to Wang’s 750K fans. Upon looking at that, you might actually expect to see a larger spike in engagement for the latter brand.