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Guide Dogs Charity Increases Sponsorships and ROI with 4C Affinities

Feb 23, 2018


Guide Dogs is a charity committed to ensuring people who are blind or partially sighted enjoy the same freedom of movement as everyone else. The period leading up to Christmas is a key fundraising time for Guide Dogs. Their media agency, MC&C, wanted to boost puppy sponsorships during this period.


To help Guide Dogs meet its fundraising targets, MC&C needed an innovative solution for finding and reaching new audiences interested in sponsoring a puppy. When applying new targeting to social campaigns, MC&C always aims to reduce the cost-per-conversion. Effectiveness was therefore a key success metric.


MC&C partnered with 4C to uncover relevant and highly engaged audiences for Guide Dogs. They used 4C Affinities, proprietary 4C targeting created using data science that leverages over two billion brand interactions, to find audiences on Facebook most likely to engage with Guide Dogs. Following success with the initial targeting, MC&C expanded its use of 4C Affinities to include audiences most likely to engage with Guide Dogs’ main competitors.


MC&C’s use of 4C Affinities and rules-based optimisation drove a vast improvement in Guide Dogs’ performance compared to the previous year. 4C Affinities outperformed all other targeting lines, including custom audiences of users who looked like existing sponsors, fans, and those who had spent the most time on the Guide Dogs website.

  • 204% increase in the number of sponsorships and 223% increase in revenue compared to last year
  • 80% increase in ROI
  • 41% more efficient Cost-Per-Conversion

Our initial test has proved we can get incremental cost-effective conversion and better CPA using 4C. As a result, we plan to implement this in 2018. – Stephanie Witt, Head Of Individual Giving, Guide Dogs