Music’s biggest night is also big for brands. While music artists are busy taking home awards, brands are making their mark on consumers.

While the Super Bowl has the reputation as the moment to launch a new campaign, the Grammy Awards provides another key opportunity for brands to drive impact when consumer emotions are high. The secret about the Grammys is getting out. This year Target, Adidas, Nike, Verizon and Sonos all launched new campaigns with excellent results.

Verizon used the music stage to announce it would be offering an unlimited data plan which drove a 66.2x lift in engagements in the 5 minutes following the announcement. During the broadcast, Verizon earned over 22,000 engagements.

Last year Target created a live ad on the Grammys with Gwen Stefani. This year Target was back again with a remake of “It Takes Two” featuring Carly Rae Jepsen and Lil Yachty. The long form ad drove a 24.6x lift and 15,831 engagements for the retailer.

Ford opted to have a presence at both the Super Bowl and Grammys. The automaker encored its Super Bowl spot to generate 10.2x lift in social engagements.

As for the ceremony itself, Adele was the open, the closer and managed to stay in the spotlight the whole night, except for an intermission when Beyonce, during her own Grammy performance, captivated audiences and became the most buzzed about moment of the night.

Adele earned over 1.2 million engagements during the Grammy broadcast. Her biggest moment was when she took home the top prize, Album of the Year. Her heartfelt acceptance speech and dedication of the award to Beyonce has been rebroadcast over 2,300 times.

The 4C Insights Affinity Graph reveals which brands are well-suited to take advantage of Adele and Beyonce’s post-Grammy momentum. Covergirl has strong affinity to both music stars. But, Samsung, M&M, and Canon are better positioned to leverage Beyonce as their spokeswoman, whereas Adele is a better fit for Cheetos, DirecTV, and Revlon.

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