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Game of Thrones Season 8 UK Impact Report

May 21, 2019

IKEA pulls the rug from under the competition as Game of Thrones ads catch fire on social

  • IKEA sees 495% TV social lift from ads airing during season 8 episodes
  • O2 and BT follow in second and third places from close ties to the show

IKEA, who launched one of the most successful fast response campaigns, tops the list of brands who saw the greatest social lift from ads airing during Game of Thrones. O2 follows in close second with their current out-of-home campaign placing the Iron Throne outside The O2 Arena.

Our analysis of UK TV Social Lift Rankings reveals how TV ad campaigns run during the times Game of Thrones series aired on Sky Atlantic benefitted from the brands’ associations with the franchise. We measured each brand’s social media engagements in the five-minute period after the start of a TV ad, and compares them to engagement rate in the five minutes prior.

The Swedish furniture outlet saw a 495% TV social lift this season despite its moment in the spotlight occurring several seasons ago, when it was unveiled their rugs were being used as capes for many of the show’s leading characters.

Equally O2 only had to air one ad in the breaks between this season’s episodes to achieve a social lift of 335%. With O2’s parent company Telefonica still powering Sky Mobile, the company also benefits from a close association with the producers of the show.

Another notable brand is BT, who’s 242% social lift is reflective of the fact customers can access to all of Sky’s entertainment content, including Game of Thrones episodes.

Social Lift Rankings for Game of Thrones