Fall TV Impact Report

Oct 01, 2018

With the Primetime Emmys behind us and new and returning shows beginning their seasons across broadcast, cable, and OTT, the fall TV season is officially underway. While the Upfronts are over, advertisers still have the ability to invest in advertising across networks and platforms using tools like Scope by 4C™ to find their audiences and plan & execute multi-screen campaigns.

As the fall TV season heats up, we took a look back at the shows that created the most social media chatter during the 2017-2018 TV season. Sports-related shows dominated the conversation, with WWE programming generating the most social buzz overall last year, followed by SportsCenter. ABC veteran Grey’s Anatomy led the primetime conversation, with Netflix’s supernatural hit Stranger Things close behind. As news and current events continue to play out across social media, MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show and Univsion’s Primer Impacto generated the most chatter. Social media audiences also engaged with daytime and late-night programming like The Ellen DeGeneres Show and The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

Most engaged shows from 2017-2018 season

As excitement built for the upcoming TV season in July and August, we were monitoring the conversation around new and returning series. Revivals like FOX’s pickup of ABC’s cancelled Last Man Standing and CBS’ Murphy Brown and Magnum P.I. ranked in the top 5 most anticipated new shows for this fall. Last year’s most engaged primetime series, Grey’s Anatomy, was at the top of the list once again for returning shows.

Top anticipated shows by engagement

As it heads into its final season, HBO’s Game of Thrones led this year’s Emmy Awards with 22 total nominations, closely followed by another HBO hit, Westworld, and late-night powerhouse Saturday Night Live. The 4C Insights Affinity Graph™ reveals that the audience engaging with Game of Thrones is also engaging with Netflix, GameStop, and actress Nicole Kidman. We also looked into the audience affinities for Amazon’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, which took home the most Emmys of any series this year, and has an audience that engages with Indiewire, QVC, and model Adriana Lima.

Affinities for top Emmy-nominated series

While it had the two top nominated series this year, HBO was dethroned as the top nominated network for the first time in 18 years by Netflix, with 112 nominations overall. Following last year’s big wins for Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale, Amazon and Netflix are helping cement OTT networks as content machines and contenders for audiences and awards. Using 4C Brand Compass™, we dug into the audiences for the top three networks with the most nominations. Those engaging with Netflix tend to be Eclectic Fashionistas – perhaps best known as the hipster trendsetters of today – with an interest in comedy. HBO’s audience is primarily Trust Fund Travelers, typically young couples who aren’t afraid to spend big, with an interest in comics. NBC, the most-nominated broadcast network, has a Life of Leisure audience, made up of people who love the outdoors and the brands who prepare them for it, who are interested in DIY home improvement.

Audience insights for top Emmy-nominated networks

As audiences tune in for fall TV across screens, advertisers should continue to use data like TV viewership and social media engagement to optimize campaigns across screens. Contact us to learn more about how Scope by 4C™ can help you capture audience attention.