Portugal won their first European Championship beating France in extra time. This 4 week competition not only allows the top European Nations to clash on the pitch, it’s also a huge opportunity for advertisers and marketers to capture the moment and increase awareness of their brands.Euros_BattleOfTheBrands_Draft2

The three largest sports giants have all appointed their ambassadors, but there is clearly one leader: Ronaldo. Despite Gareth Bale and Antoine Griezmann’s successful performances, Ronaldo led Portugal to victory and also came out on top in social engagements. Ronaldo generated 2.4x more social engagements than Bale and Griezmann put together during the tournament.

Ronaldo’s influence is the reason Nike pays a 14 GBP million contract to the Portuguese superstar. To maximise his sponsorship potential during the competition, Nike launched a promotional campaign releasing “The Switch” with the interesting concept of a young English fan switching place with Ronaldo.


Throughout the series, Portugal generated 1.2x more social engagements than the host country, France, with a total of 8 million mentions, retweets, comments and post likes on Facebook and Twitter during the UEFA Euro 2016 competition.

France did well earning no less than 600,000 social engagements for each knockout game. But, the Portuguese team finally topped the French, on and off the pitch, generating over 3 million engagements during the final alone.


To understand which brands were most active during the games, we ranked the top UEFA Euro 2016 advertisers using 4C Advertising Analytics and Teletrax technology, the largest global TV monitoring network.

Hyundai purchased the most TV ad time with 17.6 minutes. The two other brands appearing in this ranking are UEFA Euro 2016 official partners, McDonald’s and Turkish Airlines who aired more than 13 minutes of TV ads throughout the tournament.

In the past year sport betting advertising has flourished during live sport broadcast. Anyone who watched the Euro 2016 on ITV will have noticed that Gambling was the top advertised category with Bet365 and Ladbrokes both reaching the top 5.


Official UEFA Euro 2016 partners generated strong responses on social media from their sponsorships. Some of key highlights are:

  • Coca Cola achieved the highest number of engagements on Facebook and Twitter during the tournament period.
  • Carlsberg generated the highest lift among the sponsors, achieving a 5.8x lift over its daily average during the tournament.
  • McDonald’s, Adidas and Orange generated strong social engagements and positive lifts.

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