Cyber Week Impact Report

Dec 05, 2018

The holiday shopping season is in full swing. How are brands engaging with shoppers this year to leave them saying “Ho Ho Ho” and not “Bah Humbug”? 4C, a data science and marketing technology company, and DialogTech, the industry leader in call tracking and analytics, worked together to find out.     

During the holidays, much of the focus is on the retail industry. However, other industries, from auto to finance, are getting in on the holiday spirit. Between the Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday, several verticals saw an increase in average social media advertising spend across platforms as compared to the same time period in 2017.


Using proprietary Teletrax TV monitoring technology, 4C also monitored TV advertising during Cyber Week, as well as social media engagement following a brand’s TV ads. Brands in the retail, financial services, automotive, technology, telecommunications, and restaurant industries, which led social advertising growth, also made the top 10 advertisers on broadcast and cable in terms of total ad time, and also saw the greatest lift in social media engagement after their TV ads aired.

Broadcast: TV Social Lift Rankings for Holiday Shopping Kickoff 2018 Cable: TV Social Lift Rankings for Holiday Shopping Kickoff 2018 Broadcast: TV Ad Rankings for Holiday Shopping Kickoff 2018 Cable: TV Ad Rankings for Holiday Shopping Kickoff 2018

DialogTech, which examined millions of inbound calls tracked, routed, and analyzed by the DialogTech platform, found increases in call volume on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, for not only retail companies but also in financial services and automotive industries as well.

Call volume year-over-year

Longer call duration typically represents a more engaged lead. The average call duration also increased during Cyber Week 2018, as well as the rest of the month of November.

Call duration increases

Calls about Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials skyrocketed during Cyber Week. Calls around delivery dates and financing options also increased.

Inquiries during Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend compared to prior weeks

With record-breaking sales figures, Cyber Week was a strong start to the 2018 holiday shopping – and marketing – season. As brands look ahead to 2019, digital and TV will continue to be important avenues for creating engaged conversations with consumers.