The Brand Madness Final Four is set. AT&T, Nationwide, Samsung, and Target survived the first two rounds of Brand Madness and earn spots in the Final Four.



Not All Chalk in the Sweet Sixteen

The first round of Brand Madness was rife with upsets – likely a result of advertisers prioritizing their media dollars differently in the first round versus later rounds in the NCAA tournament.  Brand Madness No. 1 and No. 2 seeds Degree and TGI Friday’s were both eliminated in the first round. Falling 63 to 64, Degree couldn’t match Capital One’s amount of engagement. The personal care brand earned 480 engagements to Capital One’s 714.



Coca-Cola increased their affinity, a measure of the number of people who engaged with the brand and event, by 11% compared to their seeding round. This helped Coke to handedly win over No. 2 TGI Friday’s 68 to 47.



Rivals from the Restaurant Conference McDonald’s and Chick-fil-A faced off in the first round and delivered the third upset of Brand Madness. While tournament viewers were likely to interact with McDonald’s on Facebook and Twitter and earned the Golden Arches a high affinity score, Chick-fil-A beat its opponent across engagement, affinity lift, and sentiment to win by 3 points.



Elite Eight Enterprises

No. 3 Powerade fell to AT&T culminating in all the top three seeds of the tournament being eliminated. Powerade’s affinity and affinity lift scores were better than AT&T’s. But, marking only 604 engagements during the Elite 8 games, which paled in comparison to AT&T’s 54,240, Powerade fell 60 to 68.

Samsung and Target were indisputably superior to their competition, besting their opponents on nearly every metric and each achieving a 12 point victory.

The buzzer beater of the round came from Nationwide over Chick-fil-A. Eking out a 1 point victory, Nationwide’s victory can be attributed to putting up high numbers in affinity and affinity lift.



Championship Favorites

Samsung appears to be the favorite to take home the championship. Recording the highest average score in the first and second rounds. Samsung relies on its high engagement and affinity to defeat opponents. AT&T probably won’t be able to achieve the same levels of overall engagement. To knock of the powerhouse, AT&T will need to match Samsung’s affinity score and outperform in affinity lift.

Nationwide seems likely to make the championship game over Target. However, inconsistent performance may open the door for Target. Nationwide will need to ensure their engagement doesn’t slip to have a shot at going to the Big Dance.

Score is a combination of engagement, affinity, affinity lift, and sentiment from Facebook and Twitter data relative to all the March Madness advertisers. Engagement and affinity are weighted the highest and greatest contributors to the final score.