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Boost Outperforms Target KPI’s with Always-On Campaign

Jun 19, 2019


Boost is a UK energy provider known for their pay-as-you-go energy plans. Boost’s media agency, Merkle|Persicopix, ran two campaigns using 4C that focused on generating traffic and video views.


Boost sought to increase brand awareness on Facebook and Instagram while maintaining high quality traffic to their site. Competing in an aggressive market, they needed to reach an effective audience and drive engagement throughout the campaign. In order to measure campaign success, they identified benchmarks focused on Click-Through-Rate, Cost-per-Click and Cost-per-View.


Using 4C Affinities, Boost was able to perform granular targeting, reaching the most relevant audiences. Partnering with the 4C team, they launched two always-on upper funnel campaigns: a traffic campaign, and a video view campaign. Utilising Scope’s Rules-Based Optimization tool, Boost was able to optimise spend toward the best performing audiences for the campaigns to ensure the best metrics. The traffic campaign used Rules-Based Optimization to drive traffic towards the landing page to drive awareness, while the video view campaign was optimised towards 10-second video views.


Both the traffic campaign and video view campaign outperformed the benchmarked metrics.

The Traffic campaign drove:

  • Click-Through-Rate 400% above benchmark
  • Cost-Per-Click 31% below benchmark

The Video Views campaign drove:

  • View-Through-Rate 293% above benchmark
  • Cost-Per-View 88% below benchmark