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Ahalogy Saves Time and Money with Scope Automated QA Solution

Feb 05, 2020


Ahalogy, a quotient brand and leading influencer marketing solution, needed to streamline their time-consuming QA process for campaigns. With quality assurance being a high priority for the team, they sought a solution to ensure accuracy and save time.


The 4C and Ahalogy teams met to dive deep into Ahalogy’s pain points with their current process. The 4C team then built a QA template for Ahalogy and created an automated process to smoothly import necessary account data into Scope.


With QA being a meticulous process, the automated Scope solution saved the QA team of 3 at least an hour each per launch as well as additional time spent per week on managing the process. With an average of 25 launches per week, each QA team member saved nearly a week’s worth of QA work. Additionally, the automated solution saved possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars of potential errors that the solution caught.