4C Improves Performance Across Multiple Ad Types On LinkedIn

Jul 15, 2015


LinkedIn offers multiple ad types, which creates a limitless combination of strategies for reaching customers and prospects. However, this also makes it difficult to find the optimal mix of LinkedIn ad types that will maximize performance.
In addition to helping advertisers target, buy, and measure social ads through its Social Ads platform, 4C utilizes LinkedIn as a demand generation tool for new customer acquisition. To maximize value, 4C needed to determine the best combination of LinkedIn ad types that would reach a niche B2B audience.

4C Spring TV impact report for advertisers


To identify the optimum combination of LinkedIn Sponsored Updates and Text Ads, 4C data scientists ran a variety of lead generation creative over a one-month period. Using 4C’s Social Ads platform, the initiative targeted marketing, broadcasting, and public relations professionals.


4C demonstrated significant synergies and performance improvements when LinkedIn Sponsored Updates and Text Ads were run simultaneously.

Metrics showing 4C performance improvements

Results showed a 78% improvement in CPM and 11% more efficient CPC on the days when the both ad types were running versus a single ad type. Sponsored Updates CTR improved 50% when accompanied by Text Ads.

Steps for Best Practices