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2018 Golden Globes Impact Report

Jan 08, 2018

The 75th annual Golden Globe Awards just took place in Los Angeles, officially kicking off the 2018 awards season. While last year’s ceremony, the first major televised Hollywood event following the 2016 Election, featured a heavy dose of criticism aimed at President Trump, this year’s Globes were aimed at a different issue: gender inequality. With the film industry experiencing a moment of reckoning surrounding sexual harassment, abuse, and gender parity, the ceremony’s monologues and speeches revolved around how the industry is beginning to move forward.

During the ceremony, we monitored TV & social media buzz around the awards to see how the night’s biggest moments played out across screens.

Social media engagement during and television re-broadcasts of the 2018 Golden Globes

The most socially engaged moment of the night came when Irish actress Saoirse Ronan won Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical for her performance in Lady Bird, which enjoyed a brief moment as Rotten Tomatoes’ top-reviewed film at the end of 2017. Ronan’s speech was a popular moment in terms of TV rebroadcasts as well, but Oprah Winfrey’s acceptance speech for the Cecil B. DeMille lifetime achievement award – now seen as a possible intro to a 2020 campaign – took the top spot.

While Big Little Lies and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri were the big TV and film winners of the night, This Is Us and The Shape of Water won on social media. This Is Us, while always an audience favorite, owed much of its Globes’ engagement to Sterling K. Brown’s historic win as the first black man to win Best Actor in a Drama Series. We used the 4C Insights Affinity Graph™ to look into This Is Us and The Shape of Water to find brands and celebrities that people engaging with each are also engaging with on social media. Fans of This Is Us also engage with Chevrolet and HomeGoods, while those who engage with The Shape of Water also do so with Sprite and Toys R Us. When looking to reach audiences connected with their brand during awards season, these brands could benefit from including This Is Us and The Shape of Water in their social media targeting.

Ahead of this year’s Golden Globes, actresses announced that they would wear black to the event as a visual protest and sign of solidarity in the fight against sexual harassment. On January 1st, TIME’S UP, was launched by over 300 women in the film industry in an effort to fight sexual harassment in the workplace. Shortly thereafter, #TimesUp and #WhyWeWearBlack were introduced as official hashtags for the cause on this year’s red carpet. These hashtags garnered over 300,000 combined social media engagements on the day of the Globes.

TV social lift from the Golden Globes

While the award recipients and protests were the main focal points of the evening, brands made themselves visible during the Golden Globes as well. L’Oreal, an official sponsor of the Golden Globes, saw a 9,167% lift in social media engagement in the two minutes following its ad featuring Stranger Things’ star Winona Ryder. The ad, directed by Roman Coppola, caused a stir on social media with its film-like cinematography. The New York Times took the opportunity to address the ongoing scandals involving sexual harassment, debuting a new ad in its “Truth” campaign, which caused a 2,919% increase in engagement. The silent ad, featuring the phrase “he said, she said” numerous times, encourages victims to speak out with its closing statement, “the truth has a voice.”

As awards season continues, we’ll keep a finger on the pulse of social media and TV buzz. Stay tuned for more Impact Reports and subscribe to our newsletter to get updates in your inbox.