2018 Academy Awards Impact Report

Mar 05, 2018

Hollywood’s awards season came to a close Sunday night with the 90th Academy Awards in Los Angeles. After a tumultuous six months for the film industry that included a wave of sexual harassment allegations and resulting movements to increase gender equality, the evening’s jokes, acceptance speeches, and off-script moments from presenters revolved mainly around a movement towards inclusion and diversity. Audiences around the world tuned in across screens to see who would take home the night’s biggest awards – and to catch any surprise moments like last year’s Best Picture mix-up. At 4C we monitored buzz about the big event Oscars throughout the night.

Social media engagement during the Oscars

Some of the night’s biggest award winners led the pack on social media engagements as well. Writer-director Jordan Peele’s historical win as the first black recipient of Best Original Screenplay not only made Get Out the most socially engaged film during the awards, but also helped him generate nearly 1.6 million social media engagements throughout the night. The Shape of Water’s win for Best Picture also generated significant engagement, with 2.3 million engagements throughout the evening, and nearly 67,000 engagements alone when the award was presented correctly by Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway on the first try.

Sufjan Stevens’ performance of “Mystery of Love” from Call Me By Your Name was another buzzworthy moment during the night, sparking over 68,000 social engagements in five minutes thanks in part to Stevens’ choice of attire.

Social media engagement and sentiment for featured talent

Jimmy Kimmel returned for the second year in a row to host the Oscars and garnered over 1.5 million social media engagements of his own throughout the broadcast – over 180,000 of which happened during his opening monologue. Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder, who performed Tom Petty’s “Room on Top” during the In Memoriam segment, saw 1.7 million engagements throughout the night, with over 972,000 occurring during his performance. While hosting E!’s Red Carpet coverage prior to the show, Ryan Seacrest, who is currently embroiled in misconduct allegations of his own, saw over 932,000 engagements in two hours, with overwhelmingly negative corresponding social media sentiment.

Social media engagement with women-centric hashtags during the oscasrs

It wasn’t just during the Red Carpet arrivals that conversation revolved around the Time’s Up movement – #TimesUp and #MeToo garnered over 33,000 and 65,000 engagements, respectively, throughout the day. Twitter also joined the conversation with its first-ever Oscars ad highlighting female empowerment and equality. The corresponding hashtag, #HereWeAre, saw nearly 24,000 engagements between 8pm and 2am.

TV social lift during the broadcast of the Oscars

Many brands took advantage of the opportunity to leverage the Oscars’ large audience by airing ads during the Awards. Kinder, a candy brand historically popular in Europe, used its ad to introduce Kinder Joy to the US and saw a 1,800% lift in engagement following the ad. Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, which used the opportunity to tease Disney World’s upcoming Toy Story Land, saw a 978% lift in engagement. Throughout the night, Walmart aired three short films and saw an average 855% lift, with the first directed by Dee Rees generating the greatest lift in engagement.

Using 4C Brand Compass, we looked deeper into the audiences for each of the top advertisers from the Oscars. Official Oscars’ sponsor Cadillac’s audience is made up primarily of the Golf & Globe Trotting and Millionaire Empty-Nesters personas. This audience is interested in DIY Mechanics and financial planning, and values Hunger Relief causes. People who engage with Cadillac also engage with The Carbonaro Effect and Jay Leno’s Garage, which present further opportunities for the brand to capture its audience’s attention through advertising.

PepsiCo advertised its new sparkling water, Bubly, with two spots during the Oscars. PepsiCo’s audience is mainly Friendly Older Neighbors and Millionaire Empty-Nesters, who, like Cadillac’s audience, value World Hunger Relief in addition to Mental Health Care. They are also interested in financial planning and weight loss, and have a high affinity for Inside the NFL and Hard Knocks.

Whenever big pop-culture, sports, and political moments happen around the world, we’ll be keeping a finger on the pulse of engagement across screens. Stay tuned for more, and subscribe to our newsletter to get updates in your inbox.