Last night, the Houston Astros made history when they brought home the city’s first World Series title. This year’s Series went a full 7 games with the Los Angeles Dodgers managing to tie the Series twice, but never take the lead. While the Dodgers knocked the reigning champion Chicago Cubs out of the playoffs and came into the Series with 6 franchise titles, the post-Hurricane Harvey Astros entered the World Series as the underdog and sentimental favorite.

While the Astros took the lion’s share of the Game 7 social media engagement, the Dodgers were actually the more socially engaged team throughout the entirety of this year’s Series. With a higher overall population and a history of World Series titles, the Dodgers were well-positioned for a social media win, regardless of their chances at the title. However, neither of this year’s teams held a candle to the 2016 Cubs’ whopping 6.5 million engagements during a Series that broke a 108-year draught for the franchise.

Source: Inscape

According to data from our partners at Inscape, unique viewership peaked during the potentially decisive games of this year’s series. The greatest viewership happened during game 7. While viewership was generally consistent, increasing from beginning to end during the first 5 games of the series, games 6 and 7 saw bumps in overall viewership.

Heading into the Series, we looked into the social media audiences for the Astros and Dodgers. While both teams’ audiences are made up of primarily 25-44 year old males, their brand, TV, and celebrity preferences differ. Those engaging with the Dodgers are more likely to also engage with 76 – a natural association for the brand and its iconic orange ball, visible from Dodger Stadium. Dodgers fans are also more inclined to engage with HBO’s Veep and California Governor Jerry Brown, reflecting the political leanings of Los Angeles. Texas-based Whataburger comes out on top for those engaging with the Astros on social media, and fans are also likely to engage with Texas-native Matthew McConaughey.

Advertisers also saw a lift in social media engagement from the World Series, with official MLB sponsors Chevrolet and T-Mobile seeing the biggest impact. Chevrolet’s 21 ad spots throughout the Series triggered an impressive 2,057% average increase in social media engagement in the 5 minutes following commercials. The highest positive sentiment for an advertiser went to Progressive, thanks to the brand’s ads featuring spokeswoman Flo striking a chord with viewers.

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