This past weekend, golf fans around the world turned to the Hazeltine National Golf Club in Minnesota, where the Ryder Cup was held. Taking place every two years, the Ryder Cup pits teams of 12 from the USA and Europe against each other in a 3-day long tournament consisting of singles matches as well as foursomes. Between celebrity appearances, an unruly crowd, and Team USA’s first win since 2008, the Ryder Cup captured heavy social media attention. Using our Teletrax TV monitoring technology and Advertising Analytics solution, we monitored the top moments on social media as well as the impact for advertisers during the event. Read on for more of our 2016 Ryder Cup coverage.


The most socially engaged moment of this year’s Ryder Cup, garnering over 175,000 engagements across Facebook and Twitter, came when Team USA finally reclaimed the trophy for the first time since 2008. A close second, making Day 3 the most engaged day of the tournament, was the moment when Ryan Moore defeated Lee Westwood to win the Cup for Team USA.


Although it only aired three minutes of ads during the Ryder Cup, Microsoft had the greatest number of social engagements of the advertisers over the course of the tournament. Essentially tied with Samsung at nearly 90%, Microsoft’s social engagements also held an overwhelmingly positive sentiment.


When it comes to brand affinity, those engaging with the Ryder Cup, Team USA, and Team Europe handles are also engaging with distinct mixes of other brands. Team Europe’s top two brands, Betway and Sky Bet, which also represent the highest affinities overall, point towards a likelihood for fans of Team Europe to have placed a bet on the outcome of the tournament. People engaging with each team also seem to have an alliance to the iconic brands of their respective region, with Coca-Cola falling into Team USA’s top 5 brands, and Virgin Media in Team Europe’s.

Here at 4C, we’re constantly measuring the connection between live TV moments and social media to keep our fingers on the pulse of pop culture and provide key insights for brand marketers. Stay tuned for more Impact Reports on upcoming political, entertainment, and sports events.