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Measure media beyond clicks and views

Enable a business outcome measurement approach across TV and digital channels to understand the online and offline impact of your marketing investment.

Map preferred data to your campaigns

Integrate source-of-truth data into the platform where you're optimizing media. Analyze the impact of audience and creative tactics against custom metrics.

Understand what’s driving performance

Customize visual reporting with the data and dimensions you need to understand the campaign attributes impacting performance.

Key capabiities

  • TV/OTT attribution
  • Measure campaigns based on how they're impacting business metrics like sales and conversions. Evaluate the programs, networks, and publishers driving the most efficient desired results.

  • Analytics data ingestion
  • Integrate "source of truth" data via direct third-party integrations or data feeds. Create cross-channel custom metrics to use in-platform for reporting, pacing, and optimization from outcomes like website analytics, online and offline conversion data, mobile app attribution, and more.

    Bring Your Own Data one sheet
  • Store visitation measurement
  • Understand the effectiveness of TV and CTV at driving consumers in-store. Evaluate the publishers, networks, and providers that drive a lift in store visits.

    CTV Case Study
  • Global reporting
  • Centralize cross-channel measurement data into integrated, breakout, and custom reports for granular and flexible analysis. Automate delivery of data into third-party or proprietary systems via API, email, SFTP, or web query.

    Report Center one sheet
  • Performance dashboard
  • Quickly understand top performing channels, creatives, audiences, and products without spending hours analyzing data. Review real-time insights and optimization recommendations to improve performance of specific KPIs.

    Performance Dashboard one sheet
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