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Recalibrate, the third installment of our Relaunch Your Video series, examines the evolving state of linear TV attribution and ways marketers can improve their strategies. Take a peek inside Recalibrate:


While some in the industry have declared the end of TV advertising as we know it, there’s no denying TV is still a massive channel for advertisers, representing $170 billion in annual media budgets worldwide. Despite the large investment from brands, TV measurement has historically involved success metrics around plans delivering as expected based on GRPs. Now, as the industry evolves with breakthroughs like NBCUniversal’s campaign tied to Fandango ticket sales, the power to connect TV ad exposure to real business outcomes means marketers have the opportunity – and imperative – to recalibrate how they evaluate the impact of TV advertising on their business.



Download Recalibrate to learn how your brand can improve linear TV attribution.



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