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Recommended for You: Amazon Sponsored Product Ads through Scope by 4C

Oct 03, 2018 • Kari Brownsberger

4C is rolling out several new features today for Amazon advertisers within its Scope by 4C™ platform. These advanced features will help marketers reach their audiences more efficiently across Amazon and other channels.

Following our August 16 announcement, advertisers in the US, Canada, and markets across Europe have been able to plan, execute, and analyze Amazon Sponsored Product campaigns in Scope, 4C’s advanced self-serve platform for premium cross-channel advertising. The ads are designed to drive traffic to specific products across desktop and mobile.

Now, in addition to the previously available capabilities, advertisers can access new Scope features for Amazon Sponsored Products, including:

KEYWORD OPTIMIZATION – Improve campaign performance with views and tools specific for optimizing keywords across Sponsored Product ads.

SPONSORED PRODUCT ADS REPORTING – Gain campaign insights with an analytics module where you can easily build and schedule reports, as well as quickly download data or have stats delivered to in-house reporting systems via API email, SFTP, or web query.

RULES-BASED OPTIMIZATION – Automate routine optimizations with a sophisticated rules engine and an easy rules set-up for specifying KPI thresholds, bid and budget changes, and more.

DAYPARTING – Schedule ads or optimize campaigns towards times and days when your campaigns typically drive the best performance.

The ability to buy Amazon’s Sponsored Product ads in Scope alongside Apple News, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, NBCUniversal, Pinterest, Twitter, and Snapchat, allows marketers to use a single self-serve platform to create holistic campaigns across channels.

Learn more about Amazon advertising through Scope by visiting www.4Cinsights.com/Amazon.