Putting the Smart in Advanced TV

Sep 07, 2018 • Aaron Goldman

While the industry has not yet reached consensus on a definition of “Advanced TV” we can all agree it represents a smarter way of planning, buying, and measuring television advertising. One key ingredient of Advanced TV strategy is real-time viewership from smart TVs. A recent article by Fast Company titled, “No flipping: How smart TVs are getting quite smart about you,” highlights how these new data sets are being infused into the marketing arsenal.

With much of the article focusing on the privacy implications for consumers, it’s an important reminder that the standard must be 100% opt-in as exhibited by our partners at Inscape. Our CEO, Lance Neuhauser, emphasizes this point in his quote that serves as the final word of the Fast Company piece: “I think when the rules of permission-based marketing are not followed is when you’re going to run into problems.”

On AdvancedTVNews.com, we talk about Advanced TV as comprising “strategies that leverage workflow automation, data + technology, and advanced targeting and measurement.” With second-by-second glass-level data, smart TVs are a critical part of the mix.

Additional components of a smart approach to Advanced TV include panel-based data from Nielsen, ad occurrences from Teletrax, and second-screen brand engagement from the 4C Insights Affinity Graph™. With all these data sets in one platform, the ability to go from insight to action is unprecedented.

In our Advanced TV webinar, Jim Nail, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, pointed out that 50% of marketers will deploy Advanced TV tactics in 2018. As we cross the chasm and embrace this new paradigm let’s continue to ask ourselves “What would Seth Godin do?” and find that perfect balance of value for marketers and consumers alike.

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