Putting the 4C in CTV

Oct 11, 2018 • Aaron Goldman

CTV is the latest acronym setting the industry ablaze.

From a consumer standpoint it means Connected TV and simply refers to televisions that are connected to the Internet.

From a marketing standpoint though, a different category with a broader definition is emerging – Convergent TV.

You know it’s officially a thing when the category kingpins at LUMA Partners codify it.

So let’s have a look at the Convergent TV LUMAscape.

As with all LUMAscapes you have marketers on one side and people on the other with all the various points of friction value-added solutions in between.

In the case of CTV we have data management and measurement, demand-side media facilitation, supply-side media facilitation, distribution, and content, with a dash of data providers on the side.

Another notable element of LUMAscapes is the red dotted line around a logo that signifies the company has been acquired.

Here we only see one and that’s Sky reflecting the massive takeover bid from Comcast.

Compare this to the Display LUMAscape which is awash in red and it’s clear how early we are in the CTV lifecycle.

But that doesn’t mean marketers can wait until the market matures and a single stack emerges.

Whether you call it Connected or Convergent, marketers must embrace video everywhere.

With our recent foray into OTT, 4C has you covered across the spectrum.

In fact, 4C is the only logo in the CTV LUMAscape that appears in all 3 buckets of demand-side media facilitation – Linear TV, OTT, and Digital.

As Rae Poeletta wrote in AdExchanger: “See you later siloed views.”

4C ya, indeed!

Now it’s time to C about more of 4C’s Insights.

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