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Propelling the Future of E-Commerce Advertising with Snap DPAs in Scope

Jun 03, 2020

Today, we’re excited to announce that 4C is among the first marketing technology companies to offer Snapchat Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs). With Snap DPAs in our Scope platform, marketers can easily leverage pre-existing templates that are designed to showcase products visually. These full-screen ads maximize the real-estate of the images that are displayed, inviting potential shoppers to explore more by directly swiping up to a brand’s website.

The availability of Snap DPAs in Scope comes at a time when e-commerce has become the primary forum for consumer shopping. Snap DPAs join a suite of ad formats in Scope designed specifically for retail and e-commerce brands, like Facebook Dynamic Product Ads, Shopping Ads from Instagram and Pinterest, and Amazon Sponsored Product Ads. With Scope’s vertically integrated audiences, creative, planning, activation, measurement, and optimization, marketers can easily improve product performance across these e-commerce advertising solutions. 

Our Chief Product Officer, Anupam Gupta, commented “We’re excited to partner with Snap to advance their performance tools for marketers by bringing Dynamic Ads into 4C’s Scope platform. Snap has always been on the cutting edge of new user experiences, and as the lines between commerce and digital advertising continue to intersect, Snap is quick to adapt to consumer behaviors. We look forward to a continued partnership with Snap on innovative commerce-focused solutions for advertisers.”

Kelly Van Eschen, Director of Paid Social at Haworth Marketing + Media added, “We’re thrilled to be first movers in adopting Snap Dynamic Product Ads through Scope by 4C. This is a great opportunity for our retail clients to prospect and retarget key audiences. It’s a game-changer to be able to deliver product ads on Snap customized for specific business lines, verticals, or demographics. As a partner, we appreciate that 4C is continually first-to-market with these opportunities for innovation.”