Post-upfronts: Prepare for lift-off

May 23, 2019 • Aaron Goldman

In last week’s newsletter, we covered many of the highlights from the 2019 Television Upfronts and how video is becoming “a small world after all.”

As marketers move from upfront commitments to post-upfront allocations, it’s a great time to relaunch your approach to video and refuel with data-driven insights.

In particular, we recommend taking “one small step” and using first- or third-party data to create secondary audiences with which to optimize linear TV plans. (Yes, for those keeping score at home 1+3=2 here.)

Traditional and Tech-enabled Gross Rating Points for Education BrandTo illustrate the benefits, here’s an example from an education brand that shows key metrics like Gross Ratings Points and Cost Per Point for a primary demo and strategic audience derived via traditional planning vs. data-driven planning.

Which rocket booster would you prefer?

For brands that really want to shoot for the moon, the next mission is incorporating OTT and social video to create a unified video plan that ensures maximum reach and efficiency against your strategic targets across channels. Of course, it’s all in Scope.

Now it’s time to fasten your seat belt and run your final (brand) safety checks. And don’t forget to download your flight plan#4CTheFutureofMedia

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