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Now is the time to put Scope in scope

Apr 23, 2020 • Aaron Goldman

I hope this finds you in good health and raised spirits.

In last week’s newsletter, I noted how COVID-19 is consolidating power within closed ecosystems from a marketing and media perspective. Through the Beet.tv BeetCam, we heard from Justin Fromm of Advertiser Perceptions and Sir Martin Sorrell of S4 with additional viewpoints on how the pandemic is benefitting these players.

I closed last week with a reminder that ROI is as much about people thriving as it is about business thriving. I know it’s hard to truly thrive in times like these but here at 4C we’re doing whatever we can to help.

We built Scope to help brands regain control of activity within and across closed ecosystems. Through our vertical stack, marketers can operate the way consumers do… seamlessly from one channel and device to the next.

During this crisis, we realize that every unit of spend needs to be tied to results. There’s no room for hidden margins or optimization algorithms based on other sources of truth.

If you haven’t adopted the full Scope solution, now is the time. The value ultimately breaks down into 5 buckets:

  1. Accountability – with Scope, you can have a firm handle on all your campaigns and ensure they are calibrated to meet your customers where they are. For example, you can execute full-funnel strategies by using 1st-party data and high-performing 4C affinity audiences.
  2. Automation – with Scope, you gain the ability to go from insights to action in a consistent manner across closed ecosystems and eliminate all the extra steps. For example, you can easily generate many creative iterations, perform rules-based optimizations, and scheduled automated reports.
  3. Collaboration – with Scope, you get a platform that is built for teams working from multiple remote locations. For example, our Audience Hub enables sharing of segments, our Creative Hub enables sharing of assets, and our Report Center enables sharing of templates, etc.
  4. Efficiency – with Scope, you can reduce the time required to stay on top of managing each separate ecosystem, learning their tools, and making changes in multiple places. And you can find efficiencies in your media. For example, with our TV Reach Extension solution for OTT you can extend messaging from linear TV to OTT/CTV and social to reach elusive audiences.
  5. Effectiveness – with Scope, the bottom line is you get  better results from intelligence and machine learning trained on your business and firing off your metrics. For example, our Reach and Frequency Optimizer continually adjusts campaign variables to meet your goals and our measurement against business outcomes helps you prove the value of incremental investment.

I know it can be daunting to think about applying new layers of technology to accelerate your business amidst so much uncertainty but our team stands ready to guide you through the process.

Please reach out to learn how you can unlock the full value of Scope or if we can be helpful in any other way.

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