No single platform can do it all… on its own.

Aug 09, 2018 • Aaron Goldman

In our last newsletter, I talked about the Living Room Battle Royale which pits brands against each other in a zero-sum competition for consumer attention. Regarding the role of 4C, I said, “we empower marketers with access to the formats, platforms, and moments that are best positioned to win.”

Indeed, it’s all about the old adage – right person, right message, right place, right time. In the days of yesteryear, this was relatively easy to do with massive audiences tuned in to a few major channels. In today’s world of on-demand, long-tail, multi-screening, there’s no one platform that can check all these boxes by itself. That’s where the “access” part comes in.

Last week, we announced 3 new marketplaces in Scope by 4C designed to give clients access to best-of-breed solutions providers across audiences, creative, and measurement. Combine these with the premium inventory sources we’re plugged in to and our moment-marketing sync triggers and the right/right/right/right paradigm becomes possible along with the proper definition of what’s “right” in the first place.

       Scope by 4C Marketplaces

Scope by 4C Marketplace

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