Must “More dungeons” always be the answer?

May 10, 2018 • Aaron Goldman
One of my first managers/mentors had this poster of a Charles Barsotti cartoonadorning his office door.
Charles Barsotti cartoon: Must 'more dungeons' always be the answer?
Source: AllPosters.com

It served as a stark reminder that anyone entering should come with solutions not problems and that the solutions should not simply be hiring more people.

Another one of my favorite folks who I worked with at the time was fond of saying that enacting change required the right combination of people, processes, and technology – PPT, indeed!

Both of these premises ring true today and we’ve built Scope by 4C to help marketers check all 3 boxes.

  • Our automation features enable people to be more strategic.
  • Our collaboration features foster seamless process workflow
    cross teams.
  • Our optimization features leverage machine learning
    technology to meet and beat campaign goals.
Teleidscope from Scope launch eventSo don’t let “More dungeons” be your answer. Put Scope in scope and turn your cell to sell.
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