The Modern Microscope

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During this exclusive event, we covered the latest industry trends and requirements for audience–centric marketing across all forms of media.

Featured Speakers:

  • Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, New York Times columnist and bestselling author of Everybody Lies
  • Terry Kawaja, Founder & CEO of LUMA Partners
  • Susan Bidel, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research
  • Krishan Bhatia, EVP Business Operations & Strategy, NBCUniversal
  • Marni Walden, former EVP and President, Global Media at Verizon
  • Lance Neuhauser, CEO, 4C
  • Anupam Gupta, Chief Product Officer, 4C

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Lindsay Kleinick

“Data is this era’s microscope or telescope, making possible revolutionary insights.”

– Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, Everybody Lies