Love is in the air with affinities so clear

Feb 21, 2019 • Aaron Goldman

With Valentine’s Day last week we thought it’d be fun to take a look at some of the top dating apps and see how people are engaging with them on social media.

Here’s a look at the apps that had the highest increase in people engaging with them during the week before Valentine’s.
Dating App engagement lift for Valentines Day
And here’s a look at the top brand and celebrity affinities ten of the top dating apps in the US and UK. These insights can be incredibly valuable for brands looking to find a match with their audience
Top affinities for dating apps
As I told Netimperative in the UK , “For those brands looking to capitalise on the season of love, noting the engagement patterns of consumers is invaluable. For example, Bumble, another millennial-centric app, could look to embrace their association with Netflix amongst their fan base, formulate a campaign that resonates with their audience – find your Netflix-and-chill partner.”

As for Bumble in the US, let’s just hope Regal-and-chill doesn’t become a thing.

Now it’s time to show love for the rest of 4C’s Insights.

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