Keeping it 100 with vol. 100 of 4C’s Insights

Mar 22, 2018 • Aaron Goldman

When the first 4C’s Insights newsletter came out on March 4, 2016, we vowed to “bring you the latest news and events from the intersection of TV, Social Media, and beyond.”

More than ?newsletters later, I hope you’ll agree we delivered on that promise and especially the “beyond.”

We’ve certainly covered a lot of ground as 4C and the industry have changed over the past 2 years.

Methinks a retrospective is in order. Let’s see what the data can tell us…

The newsletter with the most opens featured a headline many were eager to read – as short-lived as it may have been – for Volume 17, “Clinton finally trumps Trump on social media.”

The newsletter with the most clicks was Volume 59, “10 key slides from Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report,” which boasted no less than 29 hyperlinks in the intro alone.

Our most-clicked individual asset was the press release announcing our Series C funding from Volume 22, “26 million reasons to believe in the power of TV and Social Media.”

Our most downloaded white paper was the 4C Q3 2017 State of Media Report from Volume 79, “Debating the State of ‘Social’.”

Our most watched video was 4C The Future of Media which was featured in Volume 13, “Have it all again with shared media experiences from 4C.”

Our most attended webinar was our Snap Ads webinar as promoted in Volume 51, “Rewriting the Rules of Marketing.”

Now here are some of my non-data-driven favorites…

A little alliteration is always fun as we learned in Volume 9, “Telepathy, Television, Telecom, and Teletrax.”

And you know I love a good pun as 4seen in Volume 12, “4Sea the Future of Media.”

If you’ve played Know Your Marketing Meme you know we love a good stock photo and Robbie from our design team never ceases to amaze such as this gem he pulled for Volume 74, “What would you do with an extra 17 hours each week?”

Girl with many arms and tasks

But Robbie is never better than when he designs his own images such as this take on the stars of the 2017 UK Christmas adverts for Volume 87, “Getting to the ‘root’ of the UK Christmas advert phenomenon.”

UK Chrismtas advert characters

And wherever possible, I’ve tried to make things personal like when I drew inspiration from my kids gearing up for the first day of school with Volume 72, “Your Back-to-School Marketing Checklist.”

Aaron Goldman's children

Finally, I just love seeing the smiling faces of our team – on popsicle sticks or otherwise – such as Volume 75, “You can’t be #1 on your own.”

4C crew out at the Timmy Awards supporting Alok

As marketers, we all know how valuable attention is these days so many thanks to all our loyal readers for every second you’ve spent with our newsletter.

And shout out to Grace LeDuc for helping pull together the content each week before kicking it to Robbie, our afore-mentioned design superstar.

Now, here’s to seeing which link(s) you’ll find most engaging in this ? edition of 4C’s Insights.

Read the rest of 4C’s Insights Volume 100 here.

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