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Introducing Performance Dashboard and Social BYOD Feeds in Scope

Jan 28, 2020

4C is excited to announce two new generally available features for tying marketing campaigns to business outcomes: Performance Dashboard and Social BYOD Feeds.

View Cross-Channel Insights in Performance Dashboard

As marketers create cross-channel campaigns to reach their audiences across touchpoints, they also need reporting tools that allow them to gather holistic insights. 

Performance Dashboard, a new feature in Scope by 4C™, is a visual reporting tool that surfaces insights on initiatives across Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube, and OTT providers like Hulu, NBCU, and other streaming content. Powered by data from Scope’s Report Center, the dashboard displays easy-to-interpret charts based on consistent cross-channel KPIs.

There are two key features critical to successful use of Performance Dashboard.

  • Global Custom Metrics: Create KPIs ranging from total engagements across channels to a proprietary definition of ROAS based on offline revenue data ingested through a Social BYOD Feed. Learn more about Global Custom Metrics.
  • Labels: Apply Labels to organize aspects of campaigns with details like lines of business, initiatives, seasonal promotions, product lines, flight durations, and more. Labels are pulled into Performance Dashboard to surface creative, audience, and custom cross-channel insights at the creative, ad set, and campaign level. Reach out to your 4C rep or contact us to learn more about setting up Labels in Scope.

Integrate source-of-truth data with social campaign data using Social BYOD Feeds

The process to prove the impact of social strategy across broader organizational goals can be very manual and often involves pulling together makeshift reports using different metrics from several different data sources. 

Social BYOD Feeds allow marketers to view social campaign metrics side-by-side with their source-of-truth measurement data in the Scope platform via data feed ingestion. Source-of-truth measurement data can then be leveraged across multiple features in Scope, such as Performance Dashboard, Pacing Dashboard, and Report Center, to reduce manual reporting, provide in-depth campaign analysis, and increase visibility to all teams working on the account.

Ways to leverage Social BYOD feeds include:

  • Ensuring brand safety and managing fraud measurement agnostically, across all social platforms. Marketing can measure verified impressions against publisher-reported impressions to confirm the data is accurate and served in brand-safe environments.
  • Integrating proprietary sales data into Scope by 4C™ to create custom metrics like cost per visit, return on ad spend, and average order value. These custom metrics allow marketers to increase workflow efficiency and make turnkey optimizations in real time to improve conversion rates and overall ROAS.

Performance Dashboard and Social BYOD Feeds are now available for all clients. Get in touch with your 4C rep to learn more about how your brand can leverage these new features to improve reporting and optimization in Scope.