Introducing Kinetiq, the world’s largest TV intelligence network

Apr 11, 2019 • Aaron Goldman

Yesterday we announced that 4C acquired a stake in iQ Media and jointly created Kinetiq, a new company that combines iQ Media and Teletrax to create the world’s largest unified TV intelligence network.

There are lots of reasons we’re excited and you can read them in the official press release. Beyond the value proposition for clients, the formation of Kinetiq signals a new paradigm of TV performance evaluation for the industry.

The opportunity at hand is going beyond traditional demographics and proxy metrics to truly assess the revenue generated from TV investments. Kinetiq will deliver on this promise for all stakeholders though its portfolio of TV monitoring, ad and sponsorship measurement, attribution, competitive intel, and creative auditing.

As for the name, Kinetiq was chosen to signify the energy and momentum that the combination of iQ Media and Teletrax brings to the space enabling TV to finally be evaluated at the speed, accuracy, and agility of digital media.

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