Insta-nt analysis: download the new 4C Q2 State of Media Report

Jul 19, 2018 • Aaron Goldman
Our latest research on the State of Media reveals massive gains for Instagram during a quarter when Facebook was facing heat over Cambridge Analytica and marketers in Europe. Ad spend on Instagram through 4C rose more than 200% year-over-year (YoY) while cost-per-thousand (CPM) impressions actually decreased 6%. This shows that the change in budgets was not based on pricing inflation rather increased adoption of the platform. As of Q2 2018, Instagram accounted for 30% of total spend across Facebook owned properties. Here’s a look at the growth of Instagram Ads through 4C over the years.

To be sure, all the inventory platforms supported in 4C saw YoY spend increases and LinkedIn’s was actually the highest at 212% — compared to 204% for Instagram. However, that’s off a smaller base of advertisers and due in part to pricing premiums as LinkedIn CPM was up 84% YoY with advertisers willing to pay more to reach a niche but affluent audience.

So what’s behind the Insta-iable demand for Instagram ads?

User growth is certainly a big factor with the platform reaching 1 billion monthly actives in June. Anytime you have an audience that big, there are opportunities for advertisers to drive reach and generate demand. Furthermore, the ability to use Facebook data portably across Instagram helps bring further economies of scale, especially when it comes to precision targeting and ROI tracking.

Another key piece of Instagram’s growth is its highly visual nature. Newer functionality like Stories are gaining traction – even if it’s piggybacking off Snapchat’s innovation – and formats like Carousel Ads are monetizing well. Looking ahead, the launch of IGTV should help drive more long-form video consumption and, in turn, brand budgets.

As Mara Greenwald, Media Director at Performics, points out in our report, “While ads are not yet available in IGTV, we can make assumptions about what the product will look like. IGTV ads will likely be in a full-screen, in-stream, non-skippable format. With viewability concerns about feed-based video content, IGTV has huge potential for a successful ad product, especially as social video continues to be measured more closely with television and online-video.”

Download the full report to get all the In(sta)sights – ok, that one didn’t really work – including which sectors saw the highest growth. We also have key metrics for Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Twitter along with linear TV so you can get a true snapshot of global cross-screen media and marketing.

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