I Pity the April Fool

Apr 04, 2019 • Aaron Goldman

On Monday we saw a flurry of real fake news – fake news that was really meant to be fake – under the guise of April Fools.

It’s an annual tradition that brings out some of the craziest ideas from marketing departments around the world.

But what happens when the fake news is too real? Or rather, when you really want it to be real.

Such was the case with the LEGO Find My Brick app and McDonald’s Shake Sauce.

Both gags were just incremental enough to current product offerings to make you think twice. And both were just awesome enough to make you really want them.

As it were, both seemed to land pretty well on social media with increased engagement for the brands throughout the day as compared to the daily average for the week prior.

Meanwhile Microsoft played the role of Fools Scrooge by dropping the hammer on all pranks and saw its engagement drop along with it.
Social media engagement lift for brand on April Fools Day
When it comes to the First of April, I pity the fool who doesn’t enjoy a good joke. And here’s hoping LEGO and McDonald’s take pity on us and turn their fake news into real products.

Now it’s time to get real with the rest of 4C’s Insights.

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