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How marketers are responding to COVID-19

Mar 20, 2020 • Aaron Goldman

First and foremost, I want to reiterate yesterday’s message from Lance. All of us at 4C are sending our very best and committed to helping those impacted by COVID-19 in any way we can.

As the marketing industry reacts to the global pandemic, we wanted to share some observations and best practices. Overall, we’ve seen resilience within the closed ecosystems where consumers are increasingly turning for information, communication, and entertainment.

To help our clients navigate this climate, our Content Marketing Manager, Grace LeDuc, outlined some functionality in Scope which can be particularly useful as brands look to be more efficient with budgets.

Here’s a POV I shared to close out the post along with a stat that was published in the Wall Street Journal CMO Today:
“Looking at advertising campaigns running through the Scope platform in the first half of March, we found that overall spend was up 25% year-over-year. Clearly, the closed ecosystems where people are increasingly spending more time as they seek information and entertainment during this pandemic are proving resilient as marketing vehicles. For brands the best advice is to remember that target audiences are human — stay empathetic, stay flexible, and stay focused.”

Zooming in on social media, we looked at instances of the #coronavirus hashtag and how it accelerated as the outbreak spread.

We also analyzed 3 brands in the U.S. that are closely linked to social distancing and eating at home. Sure enough, engagement on social media is surging.

To help those who are working from home, our Director of Marketing Communications, Rachel Aguiar, took a page from the Chicago Cubs and rebranded WFH to Winning From Home and shared these best practices.

At 4C, we’re fortunate to have a flexible work environment and overall culture that embraces this construct. As our VP Revenue for EMEA, Karl Knights, put it in a recent LinkedIn article, “Work isn’t just a place you go.”

With that in mind, we will continue to do everything we can to support our employees, clients, partners, and communities wherever they are. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know how we can deliver on that promise.

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