How do you earn the trust of audiences that matter most?​​​​

Sep 20, 2018 • Aaron Goldman

This week I had the pleasure of joining SurveyMonkey’s VP of Product Marketing, Christine Rimer, for the keynote at Quartz’s Connect CMO Leadership Summit.

We covered a range of topics in and around the “Attention Economy” theme but the discussion kept circling back to trust. Trust is more important now than ever what with the state of social media, news, and political discourse. And it’s certainly critical to success in a business environment. But trust is hard – to earn, to keep, and to scale.

During our session, Christine and I discussed some best practices for building trust with your core audience.

  1. Listen first to create messages that resonate. Gone are the old days of small focus groups. Now you can deploy surveys to get real-time insights from wide swaths of the population. We use TechValidate by SurveyMonkey to solicit direct feedback from our customers and use those data points – 10,321 collected to date ­– to inform everything from our marketing materials to our product roadmap.
  2. Establish credibility with the authentic voice of your customers. People trust their peers much more than they trust companies or salespeople. Think about your own shopping behavior. Do you take the product description at face value or scroll down to the reviews? Through TechValidate we’ve published more than 40 testimonials and 85 case studies to amplify the success our clients have had in their own words. And we have nearly 200 customer reviews on G2 Crowd where 4C ranks #1 in customer satisfaction for Cross-Channel Advertising Software.
  3. Ensure your promise meets reality. Speaking of customer satisfaction, ensuring your audience has an optimal brand experience requires ongoing attention. It’s not a one-off project. We use SurveyMonkey CX to measure Net Promoter Score at key stages during the customer lifecycle and also track platform usage through Mixpanel. These tools give us access on-demand to metrics like client health and product adoption.
  4. Take action quickly to delight your customers. If you’re not going to act on the feedback you get from your customers, you’re better off not asking them at all. The same goes for your employees. We use SurveyMonkey Engage to do quick check-ins with the 4C Crew. One thing we learned through this process was that our people were starting to feel disconnected from each other as we expanded. So we added the Donut app for Slack to pair people up over pastries. Nothing delights like donuts!

Following these guidelines can lead to tremendous trust and rapid results. In the SurveyMonkey S1 filing for the company’s IPO, 4C is proud to be featured as a customer success story. Since onboarding we’ve doubled our return on marketing investment and increased NPS by more than 20 points. Check out this video to learn more about how we leverage SurveyMonkey and we’ll be sure to share video from the Connect CMO session when it’s posted.

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