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How do social video ads drive business results?

Oct 10, 2019 • Aaron Goldman

Very well, thank you.

I suppose I could just leave it at that and refer folks to the slides and recording from today’s webinar which will be emailed out tomorrow to everyone who completed this registration form.

But that would not be doing justice to this massively important opportunity nor our highly valued newsletter community.

I could also just steer you to this blog post I wrote for the Festival of Marketing outlining 3 reasons video performs better on social or my recap in MarTech Series of the UK highlights from our recently commissioned Forrester research on cross-channel video.

But that would be too self-aggrandizing, especially considering how insightful the contributions from our partners at LinkedIn, Essence, and VidMob were on this topic.

As a final salvo, I could direct you to the hashtag #4CSocialVideo on Twitter and LinkedIn for live highlights from the webinar.

But you get the point. And you probably want the points without having to do all that digging.

So here are 3 quick tidbits for immediate consideration and hopefully you’ll hit all those other links afterwards for a more comprehensive view.

  1. UK marketers are ahead of the curve – especially when it comes to integrating data and tech. Here are a couple stats I did not share on the Webinar so we can consider this a 4C’s Insights Newsletter Exclusive. Marketers in the UK are 9% less likely to struggle with marketing and audience data stuck in silos compared to their US counterparts and 4% less likely to lack centralized technology to deploy campaigns across multiple channels. To that end, Ryan Storrar, SVP Head of Media Activation, at Essence, commented on the webinar that an integrated approach is the imperative when operating across channels especially when you’re dealing with the walled gardens of social.

    Marketer Challenges
    % who struggle with data in silos % who lack central tech deployment
    UK  53% 62%
    US  62% 66%
    Base: 505 marketing managers responsible for marketing decisions in the US and UK.
    Source: A commissioned Study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of 4C, April 2019
  2. B2B audiences are not much different than B2C – it’s all about capturing their hearts and minds. During our webinar, Jamie Bradley, Director of Creative Operations at VidMob said it best when she encouraged marketers to consider the 1st Second rule. What will draw your audience in within one second and make them want to see more and engage further with your brand? In a world where people have never been more distracted with content, creative that connects quickly and on an emotional level has never been more important.
  3. Video really jumps out of the feed – and is not just for consumer entertainment. It may have taken LinkedIn a while to launch video but it’s making up for lost time with the format quickly becoming one of the most engaging. As Jennifer Bunting, Head of EMEA Product Marketing at LinkedIn, shared on the webinar, video is LinkedIn’s fastest growing form of content and video ads earn 30% more comments per impression than non-video ad formats. I can attest to this from personal experience as I shared on the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog after seeing more interaction with one video post that the rest of my activity combined from that month. I can also attest to it from my CMO experience as the campaigns we’ve run for 4C on LinkedIn featuring video creative routinely outperform those with static ads.

Hopefully you’ve gotten what you came here for. If not, answers abound above linked literally and alliteratively.

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