Here are SoM Trends: Download the 4C State of Media

Jan 25, 2018 • Aaron Goldman

In recent newsletters, I’ve shared a strong point-of-view on the state of organic social (dead!) and the labeling of ads on those platforms “social” (bad!) as we embrace the keys to success in a multi-screen world (audiences and experiences!)…

So it should come as no surprise that our latest industry report no longer carries the title “State of Social” and has expanded to include TV data and trends.

Hot off the press, the 4C State of Media (SoM) Q4 2017 provides a deep dive into ad spend, pricing, and engagement rates based on a sample of $400 million spent through our platform last quarter across premium inventory partners.

We also feature analysis of the top verticals by publisher for global digital advertising and ad occurrences with social lift by brand for US and UK TV advertising.

And of course, we have cool graphics like this which I’m told should be used at a 20% ratio to text especially when consumed via email.
Female skier on her phone

As you look ahead to the future of media and what 2018 has in store for your company, don’t get too far out over your skis.

Download the 4C Q4 SoM today so you can get the benchmarks and insights you need to compete and win this year.

Now grab some Dim SoM and enjoy the rest of 4C’s Insights.

Read the rest of 4C’s Insights Volume 92 here.

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