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From closed ecosystems to ecosphere, the future of marketing is taking shape

Feb 20, 2020 • Aaron Goldman

Last week I sent a written dispatch from 4C HQ in Chicago to our global newsletter list. Meanwhile, our head of product, Anupam Gupta, was recording a video interview in Puerto Rico for Beet TV.

Despite 2,000 miles of distance and 80 degrees difference in weather, both of us AGs reflected on the same common theme emerging across key stakeholders in media and marketing.

Indeed, consumers, brands, and publishers alike are coalescing around closed ecosystems as the only way for privacy, personalization, precision, performance, protection, and profit to peacefully coexist. (You know we love our 7 Ps!)

With the media world moving in this direction, as Anupam put it, “What marketers are faced with is, ‘How do I work across closed ecosystems?’ Do I need to work one-by-one across all of them or is there a place where I can do that consistently and persistently across others? And that’s really the gap that 4C is trying to fill.”

Next week we’ll unpack the vertically-integrated stack construct that Anupam uses to describe how our Scope platform connects multiple closed ecosystems to form an ecosphere. Don’t forget to bring your chippies!

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