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Four Reasons to Rejoice at FoM

Oct 17, 2019 • Aaron Goldman

As faithful 4C’s Insights readers know, I love a good festival. Last, week I was four-tunate to attend the Festival of Marketing (FoM) on Tobacco Dock in London last week and thought I’d share four reasons to rejoice. And, as always, alliteration abounds.

  1. Engaged Eyeballs. Whether it’s content at a conference or confined to the couch, there’s never been a better time to be a consumer. Any screen any time, engaged eyeballs are appetizing audiences for brand building. Just make sure you have cross-channel coverage and compelling creative. These are the doors of opportunity – keep your eyes on the road and hands upon the wheel.

  1. Tesco’s Turnaround. The closing keynote on day one at FoM featured Dave Lewis, CEO of Tesco, sharing his approach to turning things around for Tesco. In a nutshell, the focus shifted from expanding product lines and brands to consolidating assets across the portfolio. In so doing, brand power has been more concentrated and customer value from each visit – and over the lifetime – is being maximised. Only time will truly tell for Tesco but it was telling to see the throngs tune in for the topic.

  2. Social Shopping. On day two of the festival we hosted a breakfast in partnership with MediaTel on the topic of #SocialShopping. Joining me for the debate were (left to right in the pic below) Jan Gooding of Stonewall, Liam Brennan of MediaCom, Laura Pierce of DWA, and David Shaw of Snap. We covered a lot of ground but the common denominator was that the proper mix of audiences, creative, and measurement is critical to success across the platforms listed on my shirt.

  1. Video Vanguards. Last week’s newsletter highlighted the #4CSocialVideo webinar we ran during lunch on day one of FoM. Looking at the 200+ UK marketers surveyed by Forrester we saw an awesome aptitude for data integration and technology centralization. On our audience poll, 80% of attendees said they continuously learn from and improve advertising campaign outcomes by connecting data, insight, and strategy with campaign execution. In the Q&A with Ryan Storrar from Essence (far left in pic), he shared how his team manages reach and frequency across channels to optimise efficiency for advertisers.

So there you have it. No need for FoM FOMO. Now go forth ye swash buckling marketeers and treasure every moment.

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