For Big Game Marketers, It’s Already Halftime

Jan 31, 2020 • Aaron Goldman

While the Super Bowl may be the most watched TV event in the US each year, the value of advertising in the big game – and justification of the $5 million+ price tag – is much more than just the commercial airing itself.

As I told Radio & Television Business Report, “In the new, more-complicated reality of Super Bowl advertising, proper orchestration of a campaign requires sophistication in both data science and audience understanding in order to engage viewers before, during and after the game.”

Looking back at last year’s 4C Super Bowl LIII Pre-Game Impact Report and comparing it to our Post-Game Impact Report, it’s clear that brands who identified their core audience values early in the playoffs and promoted them through the final game had a distinct advantage.

Looking ahead to Sunday’s game between the 49ers and Chiefs, there are a few brands that stand out in terms of engagement. Whether or not they’ve bought Super Bowl commercials, there’s an opportunity to capitalize on consumer affinity and imperative to develop cross-channel strategies to drive resonance. And all brands can jump in on the action syncing ads on the second screen to big game moments.
Top affinities for competing teams
If you haven’t kicked your big game campaign into high gear, now is the time. And get ready because next year’s kickoff may earlier than you think. Don’t worry, 4C has your back with new innovations to drive big gains in half the time.

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