activate across channels

Private marketplaces. Premium inventory. One platform.

Uncover new audiences with 4C’s unique data science and custom segments. Scale campaigns using machine-learning tools that maximize efficiency via workflow automation. Automate budget pacing and optimize performance transparently across channels using advanced artificial intelligence.

Loyal buyers, high intent.

For response-driven marketers

Capture high-intent consumers by augmenting your Amazon Sponsored Product Ads with Scope’s best-in-class tools for bulk management, spend pacing, optimization, and robust reporting. Sync campaigns to live TV, sport, and weather moments, or daypart ads to days of the week and times of the day audiences convert.

The largest social media platform.

For Branding and Direct Response

Enhance the value of your Facebook and Instagram buys with advanced tools shown to increase reach and ROAS. Refine placement and targeting with 4C’s proprietary Affinities and Reach & Frequency Optimizer. Automatically coordinate messages across channels with sync. Manage Facebook in the same platform as other channels to strategically plan and optimize.

The business network.

For B2B Connections

Manage campaigns at scale with unique targeting and bulk management tools for advertisers with multiple lines of business. Reach LinkenIn’s affluent, educated audience with innovative features like Sync that maximize ad performance. Expand your audience beyond native targeting and coordinate with other channels from within the same platform for strategic messaging.

A holistic portfolio of premium properties.

For maximum cross-channel reach

Uncover the best networks and programming for your target audience across NBCU’s portfolio of properties with 4C’s unique data science and custom segments. Scope enables audience-based buying across linear TV advertising for a lower effective CPM against your target. View performance data in real time.

A visual search engine.

Where Consumers Go to Discover

Everything marketers love about Pinterest – from shopping ads, to video, to search targeting – is enhanced by tools to help you scale. Scope offers advanced campaign management controls, Pacing Dashboard to avoid over/under-spending, Creative Hub to quickly iterate for A/B testing, and a workflow environment that saves you hours in activation, optimization and reporting.

A camera-based location platform.

To reach the next generation

Reach a video-obsessed, millenial audience (unduplicated on the top TV networks) with Snapchat’s visual formats. Tap into the immediacy of the platform’s unique targeting with geofilters and lenses, using Scope’s advanced tools to help you scale buys, manage complex campaigns, enable deterministic targeting, iterate and adapt creative, and sync campaigns with real-time TV, sport, and weather moments.

A real-time marketing platform.

For in-the-moment marketers

Twitter’s primarily mobile audience is always online and up-to-date, and ready to consume your real-time messaging synced with TV, sport, or weather moments. React more quickly to the marketplace with Scope’s quicker launch times, automated spend controls, and consolidated cross-channel reporting to understand holistic return.

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