Episode 5 – Media, Mantras, & Mamas (feat. Erin Stutland)

Aug 13, 2018

In this episode, Lance welcomes a very special guest to the studio, his wife, Erin Stutland. Lance and Erin discuss the blending of personal and professional brands, the art of marketing, and how recording a podcast together becomes date night in a post-baby world.

In this week’s episode:
Showtime’s Billions
The very first episode of Chappelle’s Show
Shrink Session, Soul Strolls, and all things Erin Stutland
Author and wellness advocate, Kris Carr 
2 Dope Queens, episode 34 “Sleepover Accidents
“Figueroa Street” by Heavy Young Heathens, available on Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube

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