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Episode 11 – Carving Media Rushmore (feat. Bill Wise)

Nov 05, 2018

If the media industry had its own Mount Rushmore, who would be on it? Lance and Mediaocean CEO Bill Wise discuss in this week’s episode. And don’t worry, DTKB survives the episode!

In this episode:

Showtime’s Billions
Check out Bill’s lapel pins for Lance on Instagram!
Michter’s Toasted Barrel Bourbon 
Joe Stone Crab’s lapel pins
Bill’s doppelgänger, Ricky Schroder 
“Vista Equity Partners Explores Sale of Mediaocean” from The Wall Street Journal
California’s GDPR-like law, the Consumer Privacy Act 
Absentia, available on Amazon Prime 
Fauda, available on Netflix 
The Squeeze episode 8 – Letting the Katz Out of the Bag (feat. Michael Katz)

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