Employee Spotlight – Kate Beard

Mar 08, 2020

Kate Beard has worked in many roles at 4C and continues to forge her own path. “In 2019, I started thinking about how I wanted to make an impact at 4C outside of sales, and which part of my job I found the most motivating and validating. I realized I loved helping and supporting coworkers, new hires, and friends inside our walls…if I wanted to be successful in my career, I needed to pivot to focusing on being present internally, not just externally to clients.” In 2020, Kate took a new role as Director of Client Experience — not just a new to her, but a new focus for the organization. “I feel incredibly challenged, undereducated, and terrified, but ultimately validated and motivated.”

So how did she move from Account Management to Client Growth to Agency Partnerships to Client Experience? She tells women starting out in their careers, “Vocalize what you want. Let me say that louder for those in the back: VOCALIZE WHAT YOU WANT.” Kate says every time she’s been given an opportunity it is because she had first talked it up to friends, co-workers, and leadership. “If you are the only person that knows what you want to accomplish, no one can support you in a conscious way. Have an answer for what you want your path to look like, so when someone asks, you know what to say.”  

Vocalize what you want. Let me say that louder for those in the back: VOCALIZE WHAT YOU WANT.

When asked about her most challenging and rewarding experiences at the company, Kate cites her time travelling between Chicago and London a few years back to sell 4C solutions in the EMEA market. “I learned more about sales, our product, and myself that year than any year of my life. I’m incredibly proud of the team that was fostered out of that year and the presence in EMEA that we have now.” Her other greatest reward at 4C? Managing people and, “seeing them flourish, get promoted, and grow in their careers.”

Who at 4C would Kate swap places with for a day? Vincent Smith, Senior Technical Product Manager, Digital. She’s impressed by PMs’ abilities to balance multiple stakeholders’ needs and capabilities. Switching places with Vinny would, “help me be more empathetic to other departments and types of roles. Plus, I’d get to play Magic: the Gathering with (Client Success Director) Kenny Byrnes.”

What is one thing that still surprises Kate about 4C? She says, “I didn’t expect that so many of my coworkers would become some of my closest friends.”


Kate Beard is Director of Client Experience at 4C, based in Chicago. You can find Kate on Twitter and Instagram. Ask her about her abiding love of John Mayer, her new favorite “short and hilarious podcast” or her blog from 2011 where she celebrated a holiday every day of the year. Kate majored in Public Relations and Art History.