Employee Spotlight – Emily Cavalier

Mar 30, 2020

Emily Cavalier is a Sales Director at 4C, located in our New York office. She says the thing that has surprised her most about working at 4C is the high level of emotional intelligence across the leadership team. “I’ve had a couple of great bosses in the past, but haven’t historically worked with a team of executives who demonstrate great leadership as well as humanity and humility at the same time across the board.” She believes this quality has helped her grow both personally and professionally. “My communication style has evolved. I can be direct (sometimes a challenge for women in the workplace) in a way that helps everyone involved move forward as a team.”

While on the hunt for large, sophisticated brands with problems 4C can help solve — or “our next few whales” as Emily calls them — she’s also in the process of planning her June wedding in record time after getting engaged in February. The best piece of advice she’s been given, about work or weddings, is, “don’t worry about things that are out of your control.”

Don’t worry about things that are out of your control.

If she could switch places with a person at 4C for a day, Emily says it’s a tossup between CRO Grant Parker and VP, Client Success Kari Brownsberger. “Grant because he gets to touch all of our major deals in the U.S. and Kari because she gets to hear directly from all of our largest clients on what is and isn’t working.” If she could switch places with an entire department, she’d choose engineering, “because I’d love to have their technical knowledge.”



Emily Cavalier is a Director of Sales at 4C. She recently became a certified yoga instructor and previously founded Midnight Brunch, a giant middle-of-the-night dinner party. She is currently reading as many wedding magazines as she can get her hands on as well as Blueprint to a Billion by David G. Thompson. She has a B.A. in English and Journalism and a M.S. in Broadcast Journalism. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Photo: From Parris with Love