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DSP or CEP? Yes AND…

May 28, 2020 • Aaron Goldman

Sending love from the Windy City. Hope this finds you well.

Yesterday we published a blog post encouraging brands to “re-anchor your stack” and reduce reliance on a Demand-Side Platform (DSP).

Our premise: if 81% of consumer time spent with media – and growing during the pandemic – is within closed ecosystems, then why would you choose anything but a Closed Ecosystems Platform (CEP) as the foundation of your marketing technology?

To be clear, we’re not saying that the DSP doesn’t play a role in the stack. It’s just that the role is diminishing with consumer time spent and marketer ad spend consolidating within closed ecosystems — while trends like privacy legislation, cookie deprecation, and coronavirus keyword exclusions take their toll on open web publishers.

If your foundation is a DSP that wasn’t built for closed ecosystems, you’ll be flying blind and quickly smack into the proverbial garden wall. Or, as I put it to Beet TV, it’s like Groundhog Day with your audiences where every time you message to them is like the first time you’ve seen them. Using a CEP,  you can craft a full brand story arc that plays out to completion (aka conversion).

Indeed, when it comes to connecting with consumers, the keys to success are consistency and persistency. CEPs can translate audiences into each ecosystem using first-party customer data or third-party data sets across a variety of online and offline attributes. Plus, segments from your Data Management Platform (DMP) or Customer Data Platforms (CDP) can be ingested and activated within your CEP. (Acronyms FTW!)

At the end of the day, CEPs break down silos so the entire brand marketing organization can operate seamlessly in a cross-channel manner across the world’s largest media environments. And the best CEPs *cough cough* address TV and OTT along with digital commerce and social to put marketers in control of the converging landscape.

DSPs are great for the open web but the nuts and bolts of operating on exchanges don’t apply in closed ecosystems. So it’s a yes AND equation where you need a CEP to address the 81% of time consumers spend in closed ecosystems AND a DSP for the 19% they spend outside them.

As per a recent Forrester report: “The Future Of Advertising Is Imminent Upheaval — And You’re Not Ready For It.

Before you set sail for parts unknown aboard the SS DSP, be sure to drop anchor with the 4C CEP. Then you’ll be ready to handle the wave.

For now, see you ‘round a smaller body of water.

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