Do you have an affinity for the Winter Games?

Feb 23, 2018 • Aaron Goldman

The Winter Games are nearly complete and PyeongChang has not disappointed.

From killer comebacks to heady halfpipes the action on the pitch, er, mountain has been intense.

But the real competition has been taking place across screens as viewers around the world use various devices to watch the events and share their reactions.

Highlights include SNL’s Leslie Jones on Instagram and lowlights include some vicious trolling, but it’s clear the second screen has become as much as part of the story as the games themselves.

To be sure, official broadcasters were well-prepared to enable this multi-screen behavior with NBC bowing digital ubiquity (even on Snap!) and BBC offering around the clock coverage “on the BBC Sport website and app, catch-up video highlights and on-demand clips, analysis, insight and news from the Games to audiences wherever they are, on whichever device they want, across all 17 days of action as well as on social media.”

Here at 4C, beyond using our Teletrax™ monitoring service to track clips and commercials and 4C Sport Sync to trigger digital ads based on medal-worthy moments, we’re using the 4C Insights Affinity Graph™ to map connections between consumers, celebrities, athletes, and brands related (even if just tangentially) to the games.

If you haven’t been tuning in to the #4CWinterGames, you missed such awards as Top Affinities for Burton Snowboards (spoiler alert, it was Hostess – anyone hangry?), Johnny Weir (hint, it’s the airline that flies friendly across skis and skies), and Vanilla Ice (I told you some were tangential!)

Top affinities for Vanilla Ice during the Winter Games

We’ll be serving up more hot, er, cold facts over the course of the week and in our next newsletter we’ll share our full Winter Games Impact Report with a look at the teams and athletes generating the most buzz as well as overall social media engagement lift for official sponsors and advertisers.

Now it’s time to put the rest of 4C’s Insights in your halfpipe and smoke it.

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