Advanced data science

Harness the power of real-time, real-world intelligence

12M+ Smart TVs

Second-by-second data from opt-in smart TVs with insight into what was viewed and when, and how it was consumed (live, DVR, OTT).

100K+ Nielsen Panel Respondents

Fused data sets captured through proprietary metering technology to understand online and offline consumer insight and TV viewership.

247M+ U.S. People-based Profiles

Over 9 billion online and offline characteristics aggregated from multiple, diverse sources across 12 data categories.

2B+ Social Media Interactions

Publicly-available Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter active engagement data across 41 languages and 50,000 brands.

1M+ TV Ads

Harvested from over 2,100 global TV channels via 4C’s proprietary Teletrax™ monitoring network.

UNLIMITED First- and Third-party Data

Bring your own data into Scope's Audience Hub for combination with other data sets.

Building Audiences

Discover new consumers with artificial intelligence

XBased on real-time TV viewership

Reach a relevant audience across TV, social, and digital based on people who have or haven't watched certain TV programs or commercials.

4Based on social media interactions

Connect with your most valuable audience on TV by finding people who already have an affinity for your brand, or steal market share from competitors by targeting their most socially-engaged audience.

pBased on global TV ad occurrence

Optimize reach and frequency across TV, social, and digital with an audience of people who have seen your or your competitor's ads on TV.

zBased on industry-leading consumer data

Plan and buy advanced TV using rich, reputable consumer insight to go beyond standard age and gender demos.

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What would you do with deeper brand intelligence?

Go beyond standard demographics and basic behaviors with persona-based audience insights like social affinities, core values, media consumption, and more. Gain robust competitive intel by evaluating key audience personas and top creative assets benchmarked against your brand(s).

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